Assistant Manager/Executive



  • Experience of landscaping related project work
  • Familiar with methodology for planting of Plants, trees, shrubs, lawn etc.
  • Good knowledge of supervision for soft landscaping work as per specifications.
  • Familiar with treatment of termites pesticides for plants & Planting materials.
  • Scheduling of daily development activity & its implications.
  • Familiar with soft landscaping development with respect to planting of plants/shrubs/lawns etc in line & level, Beach cutting, groove making, Soil working, tree basin, rolling, weeding, watering, dressing, applications of insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, pruning of shrubs,trimming / stacking of tress etc.  
  • Familiar with botanical & Local names of plants,trees,shrubs,lawns etc.
  • Familiar with irrigation system.

 B.Sc- Horticulture B.Sc- Horticulture